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Do Your Friends Know You?


❤️ About this Friendship Dare Quiz ❤️

Welcome to Magic-Dare - A website where you can get all Dare Quiz & Challenges. You can create new Friendship Dare Challenge & share with your friends & loved ones. It's easy to challenge anyone you like, you just need to Enter your Name & star creating the Quiz. Once you created a Friendship Challenge, share it with your friends on Whatsapp or Facebook & ask them to complete it. The one who score highest wins the challenge & you can call him/her your closer one.

How To Play Friendship Challenge?

This is how you can simply make a Friendship Challenge & share it with you loved ones. If you're interested to play other type of Quiz like Love Calculator, Secret Wall, etc. then you can Visit Magic-Dare.in & Play other type of challenges.

How To Check Score?

Once you've shared Friendship Dare Quiz with your friends & asked them to answer, you can check scores & see how many friends scored how many marks. For example, if your friends scored 10 out of 20 means he had given 10 correct answers out of 20 questions (which is considered as a bad score).